Policies & Procedures

Corporate Logo (Effective - 12/ 1/ 2003)

Purpose: To establish responsibility for the selection and adoption of an insignia for the Association.

  1. The Association shall establish a representative insignia for the corporation “The Wyoming Occupational Therapy.”
  2. The insignia shall be called the Association logo and shall be used to represent WyOTA.
  3. The Board shall be responsible for the selection of an appropriate insignia and oversee the implementation of its use.
  4. The Board will approve the logo.
  5. The logo of the Association shall be owned by the Association.

Official Documents (Effective 12/1/2003, Revised 7/19/2010)

Purpose: To clarify policy on official documents of the Association.

  1. Official documents are documents produced and authorized by the Association.
  2. Official documents of the Association may be classified as legal, professional, or operational.
    1. Legal- Documents evidencing corporate status of the Association and required by law in carrying out the activities of the Association. Examples are the Articles of Incorporation, Bylaws, Policies, and Procedures and Official minutes of the Board and annual business meeting.
    2. Professional- Documents related to skills and standards of the occupational therapy profession.
    3. Operational- Documents created in the course of the ordinary activities of the Association. Examples are reports by and to committees, the Board and other Association bodies.
  3. Official documents, except confidential records, shall be available to all members on The WyOTA Website or in an alternative format by request.

Membership Fees (Effective 12/1/2003, Revised 7/19/2010)

Purpose: To establish policy for setting membership fees.

  1. The Board will determine the annual membership fees for all categories of membership.
  2. The Board will notify members via e-mail on a quarterly basis after membership has expired.
  3. Membership fees will be due on an annual.
  4. After 1 year of non-payment of dues the overdue member’s name will be dropped off of the Master List and no more e-mails reminders will be sent for lapsed membership.
  5. Current Rates for WyOTA membership shall be: 1) $40 per year for Professional OT or COTA; 2) $20 per year for Student Membership effective 10/1/2012.

Open Meetings (Effective 12/1/2003, Revised 7/19/2010)

Purpose: To establish policy regarding attendance at official meetings of the Association.

  1. All meetings sponsored by the Association shall be open for audit by the membership except:
    1. Discussion of specific personnel performance, hiring, or firing.
    2. Consideration of a proposal for a business matter that involves negotiation.
    3. When consulting with counsel.
    4. For an exceptional reason that, by vote of two-thirds of the members present at the meeting, they find the reason to be so compelling to close the meeting.
  2. The agenda for all WyOTA open meetings including information related to attending will be posted on the Website.

Membership for Association Leaders (Effective 12/1/03, Revised 7/19/2010)

Purpose: To establish policy requiring leaders of the Association to be members of the election area and national professional organizations.

  1. It is the responsibility of the individuals holding leadership roles in the Association to ensure that their WyOTA & AOTA memberships are current.

Advertisement in Official Publications: Newsletter/Website/E-Mails (Effective - 3/2004, Revised 7/19/2010)

Purpose: To establish policy to follow when selling advertisement space in official Association publications including website, e-mails, etc.

  1. It is the responsibility of the Board to act in the best interest of its members and to always act in a fiscally responsible manner.
  2. The Board will establish a fee schedule for advertisements and posting information in all official Association documents i.e. website, e-mails, etc.
  3. Advertisements placed on the website will remain posted for a period of three months or until the even is hosted, which ever come first.
  4. The fee schedule will be as follows for the website. (Fees updated May 2010):
    1. 3 months = $150.00
    2. 6 months = $250.00
  5. The fee schedule for combined e-mail to members and website ads are as follows: (Fees updated May 2010):
    1. 3 months website and one e-mail to WyOTA members= $200.00
    2. 3 months website and two e-mails to WyOTA members= $250.00
    3. 3 months website and three e-mails to WyOTA members = $300.00
    4. 6 months website and two e-mail to WyOTA members= $375.00
    5. 6 months website and four e-mails to WyOTA members= $475.00
    6. 6 months website and six e-mails to WyOTA members= $575.00
  6. The fee schedule for e-mail information spread to current membership list is as follows (Fees updated May 2010):
    1. One e-mail per event for student based events = Free
    2. One e-mail for non-profit organizations = $50.00
    3. One e-mail for a for profit organization = $100.00
  7. WyOTA will post ads on the WyOTA website for the annual conferences of other state associations without a fee.
  8. Rates will be reviewed by the Board on an Bi-Annualbasis and adjusted with a majority approval of voting members of the Board.

Association Ad HOC Bodies (Effective - 12/1/2003)

Purpose: To define structure of Association bodies.

  1. All bodies not identified in the Bylaws will be ad hoc.
  2. An ad hoc body has the following characteristics.
    1. The members of the body shall be appointed.
    2. The body shall be charged with a specific task.
    3. The body shall not duplicate a task of an existing body.
    4. The body shall present a final report to the Board by the designated date.
    5. The body shall be discharged after presentation of a final report.

WyOTA Student Scholarships for Professional Development Activities (Effective - 12/1/2003, Revised 7/19/2010)

Purpose: To identify guidelines for the Association in selecting individuals to receive scholarship funds from the Association.

  1. The Association feels it is important to encourage student membership in both the local and national professional associations.
  2. Scholarship funds will only be offered to students who are members in good standing of WyOTA.
  3. The Association will offer up to 5 scholarships per WyOTA annual conference.
  4. Applications will be submitted to the President at least three weeks prior to the event using the appropriate forms. The Board will make the final decision and approval of requests.
  5. Individuals will be notified two weeks prior to the event.
  6. Applications will be made available via website and students will be notified of Scholarships via student representatives of WyOTA Board member as necessary.
  7. The WyOTA Board will determine support for other student scholarships (ie. NBCOT/AOTA conclave) on an annual basis.

Policy Manual (Effective 12/1/2003, Revised 7/19/2010)

Purpose: To facilitate and promote the development and maintenance of policies with Association objectives and to provide the membership with current statements of these policies to guide their actions.

  1. The Association supports membership input regarding current trends in practice, education, and research for use in the formation of policy. The Board has the authority to develop policies.
  2. The Board coordinates and ensures that appropriate mechanisms for implementation of the police are established.
  3. Members and Association personnel shall utilize current policy when carrying out Association activities.
  4. Policies shall be reviewed periodically (at least every 2 years) to ensure that they reflect current practice. This information shall be passed between Secretaries so that the current WyOTA president can be reminded that a review of Policies is due and covered at an upcoming Board meeting.
  5. The Policies shall be contained in the Association's Policy Manual. (Current copies will be held by President, Secretary/Treasurer and other Board members as deemed necessary.) New and revised policies shall be posted on the website and members will be notified of changes in the next WyOTA monthely e-mail.

Reimbursement for Official Association Expenses (Effective 12/1/2003, Revised 7/19/2010)

Purpose: To establish policy for reimbursement of expenses related to the Association.

  1. Expenses made on behalf of the Association will be reimbursed from the Association’s account.
  2. Expenses shall fall within the budgeted amount allotted in the current budget.
  3. Receipts will be submitted to the Treasurer along with the appropriate form for reimbursement. Checks will be issued on a monthly basis.
  4. Board Members will be reimbursed for attendance of required association events. Mileage will be reimbursed at the current federal reimbursement rate. Per Diem will be reimbursed at the minimum Federal Reimbursement Rate.
  5. Reimbursement will be paid for the following events
    1. WyOTA Conference: President and Secretary or their designee
    2. UND/CC Annual Student Conference: up to two board members
    3. ASAP Meeting: President or designee. The board will determine if the President Elect will attend based on the current budget.
    4. Other events as determined by the Board. (i.e. Representative Assembly, legislative meetings, etc.)
  6. If expenses were reimbursed by any other entity, they cannot be submitted to WyOTA.

Vendor Fees for Official Events (Effective 9/17/2004, Revised 7/19/2010)

Purpose: To establish policy to follow when selling vendors space at official Association events.

  1. It is the responsibility of the Board to act in the best interest of its members and to always act in a fiscally responsible manner.
  2. The Board will establish a fee schedule for vendor space at all official Association events.
  3. Vendors will be provided a space to display their products and visit with event participants. Space will be provided throughout the entire event. Vendors will be provided the opportunity to include promotional materials in registration packets at no cost to the vendor.
  4. The fee schedule will be as follows:
    1. $175.00 for three days
    2. $150.00 for a two days
    3. $100.00 for one day
  5. The Board and/or event committee may elect to have the vendors compensate the Association in an alternative manner, such as, but not limited to sponsorship of a social activity or conference program presenter.
  6. Rates will be reviewed by the Board on an annual bi-annual basis and adjusted with a majority approval of voting members of the Board.
  7. The Board shall inform each conference committee of these predetermined fees to help ensure consistency of fees between conferences for Vendors.

State Reciprocity for WyOTA Sponsored Events (Effective 12/1/2003, Revised 7/19/2010)

Purpose: To identify guidelines for the Association in to offer reciprocity to individuals who are members of other election area associations wanting to attend WyOTA sponsored events.

  1. The Association feels it is important to participation in continuing education and professional events.
  2. Individuals wishing to attend WyOTA sponsored events may receive membership discounts when proof of current membership in an election area association is provided.
  3. Proof of membership must accompany registration for the event. The Board or its designee will determine if the membership discount will be given.
  4. Individuals will be notified in a timely manner prior to the event.

Annual WyOTA Conference Guidelines (Effective 5/26/2010)

Purpose: To establish consistency and guidance by WyOTA for Annual Conference Committees.

  1. A WyOTA Board member will be designated to ensure communication between each new WyOTA Annual Conference Committee and the WyOTA Board.
  2. The WyOTA Board will help to ensure that the WyOTA Annual Conference information/notebook gets passed onto the new Committee each year. WyOTA will help to set up contact between conference committees from year to year to help ensure continuity.
  3. The WyOTA Treasurer will be given contact information for the Annual Conference Committee Chair so that financial information can be exchanged and consistent from year to year.
  4. The WyOTA Annual Conference Committee will be given general guidelines as determined by the WyOTA Board regarding timelines for getting speakers, budget amounts, distributing information to WyOTA members and others via mail, e-mail, etc.
  5. Up to five members of the local conference committee will have their conference registration fee waved. Fees for meals, social events or print materials associated with a conference session will not be waived.