Mission Statement: To promote and enhance the profession of Occupational Therapy.

Goal 1:

To improve awareness of Occupational Therapy among consumers, third party payers, referral sources, legislators, and the general public.

  • Compile a list of Occupational Therapists willing to serve as a speaker for community groups, professional associations, health and civic groups, and educational settings. Contact these groups to offer this service.
  • Develop a professional presentation and reference/handout materials with information about Occupational Therapy to be accessed by presenters. Design the presentation to address the specific needs of the group for which the presentation is being used.
  • Contact third party payees and discuss the benefits of including Occupational Therapy services as a covered benefit.
  • Enhance and promote the WyOTA Website in all aspects of communication with both external and internal groups and individuals.

Goal 2:

To respond to the needs of the members in a timely manner.

  • Distribute an informational packet and WyOTA Newsletter to all Occupational Therapists entering the state.
  • Distribute WyOTA Newsletter to all Occupational Therapists annually.
  • Sponsor an annual continuing education conference, in addition to encouraging other continuing education opportunities.
  • Encourage communication and networking through various telecommunication modalities (listserve, website, conference call).
  • Annually recognize therapists though an established WyOTA Awards Program.
  • Inform members of the business and actions of the Board and Committees both in the WyOTA Newsletter and Website.

Goal 3:

To ensure that WyOTA has the financial strength and stability to meet its current and future financial obligations.

  • Prepare and present for approval to members and annual budget for the Association.
  • Publish budget in the WyOTA Newsletter distributed to all therapists in the state.
  • Review and revise the budget to ensure stability, including exploring options for investment and revenue endeavors

Goal 4:

To improve the efficiency and timeliness of responding to issues before the Association.

  • Publish in the January WyOTA Newsletter and post on the website a yearly calendar listing all meetings, special events, and deadlines for the Association. Update as needed to ensure information is current.
  • Publish quarterly reports for all committees and Board members for membership review.
  • Review and revise the Association's Bylaws every five years next review is 2008.
  • Establish task groups or committees to address concerns and issues brought forth from the membership.
  • Establish Job Descriptions for Board members and Committees.
  • Establish policies for the Association.

Goal 5:

To support political efforts that health care legislation favorable to the profession of Occupational Therapy.

  • Educate Wyoming legislators regarding Occupational Therapy.
  • Offer to serve as a resource advisor to the Wyoming Department of Education and the Wyoming Department of Health to ensure services are provided in an appropriate manner.
  • Track health care issues that affect Occupational Therapy.
  • Address reimbursement issues affecting Occupational Therapists.
  • Establish Job Descriptions for Board members and Committees.
  • Establish policies for the Association.