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WyOTA Strategic Plan

Promote and advocate for
best-practices occupational
therapy for Wyoming.

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Mission: Promote and advocate for the best-practice of occupational therapy in Wyoming

Vision: WYOTA will be known and valued by all therapists in Wyoming

AOTA Centennial Vision WYOTA Strategic Plan Strategies Outputs/Activities 2015 As Measured by:
We envision that occupational therapy is a: We envision these immediate, short-
term and long-term strategies to clarify, organize, establish and monitor programs to improve the practice of occupational therapy in Wyoming
  We envision that the
following activities/outputs
will be achieved by: October 2015
Powerful WYOTA will have a competent and professional board Development of board members. Promote leadership through active involvement of the membership The board will meet quarterly in a face to face format and on phone conferences on alternate months as needed to attend to association business -Meeting minutes
-Annual Report to
      Openings for board positions will be posted and advertised for annually -Postings in mailings, newsletter, web and social media
    Guidance and Governance Provide guidance through updated policies and procedures and by laws Completed 2014 All policies, procedures and bylaws posted on web
  Manage fiscal resources using accepted nonprofit practices Auditing Conduct fiscal audit in 2014 related to keep costs in line and keep up with current tax laws Copy of audit – Treasurer will have outside WYOTA member audit by June 1st, 2014
    Strengthen Internal Controls WYOTA will consult with accountant as needed to assure compliance with the new requirements related to the 501(c)3 non-profit status with the IRS Ongoing Treasurer to e-file 990-N form annually by May 15th with IRS Completed May 14, 2014
      Vice-President will review and reconcile books quarterly with the Secretary and Treasurer using acceptable book- keeping practices Ongoing Vice-President will report findings in quarterly report to board
      President to file annual report with State of Wyoming to keep WYOTA as a recognized organization in Wyoming by May 1st President to email board when completed
Widely Recognized WYOTA will increase awareness of and access to occupational therapy in professional, community, regulatory, and reimbursement environments Conduct Outreach    
      There will be a stronger link between the OTA Education program and WYOTA Ongoing Student involvement in reported in minutes
      The Board member nearest Casper will be primary liaison between WYOTA and educational Programs Communication will be reported in minutes
      Sponsor students members to attend AOTA/NBCOT Conclave and Fall Conference as budget allows 1-2 students from CC and UND registration fee paid for each conference
      Use of Website to for links to vendors, surrounding states, continuing education, and chat boards Ongoing Feedback from WYOTA members on usefulness and additional needs
  Will be recognized by state, education, legislative and health care entities as THE resource for occupational therapy information within Wyoming Legislative Awareness President to monitor for and create templates for contacting state legislators regarding issues as necessary President met with Wyoming legislators on Capitol Hill April 2014 to discuss current issues affecting profession
      Legislative chair to monitor scope of practice to ensure there is no professional conflict or encroachment occurring Ongoing Contacting and partnering with Wyoming PT Association on current issues
    Recognition of Peers and Community Members Provide at least one award annually at fall conference. Offer nomination opportunities using all resources
      Use social media and newsletter to request nominations for and introduce therapist of the month Continued monthly updates
Science-driven and evidence-based profession Improve the quality of occupational therapy practice in the state of Wyoming Conferences Provide a high-quality continuing education program featuring presentations which are occupation-focused and evidence-based annually. Promote UND-CC Annual conference Brochures sent to all licensed therapists in Wyoming and available information on website Reminders in newsletters and on website
    EBP materials identify EPB resources Expand Evidence-Based Practice link on WYOTA website -Link to AOTA -Link to Advance Report changes in minutes
Globally connected and Diverse Workforce Improve communication among members, students, and potential recipients of occupational therapy by: Monitoring national trends and needs of state’s practitioners President includes state and national trends from the AOTA Legislative Updates, AOTA’s 1-Minute Updates, evidence-based practice reports and elsewhere on WYOTA web page, in reports Reports updates in quarterly newsletter, on website and on social media
    Maintaining the newsletter Electronic and postal delivery of newsletters to WYOTA members on a quarterly basis Provide RA, Legislative Chair and student board members space in each newsletter for any important communication Archive newsletter on website
    Maintain Facebook and Linked In New content posted on sites a minimum of 2x monthly Report any lack of updating during board meetings
    Maintaining the WYOTA website WYOTA web site will be reviewed and updated at least 4x a year Board members to check and ensure updates
    Maintaining List Serve through Constant Contact Services List serve will be available for standard correspondence and urgent messages requiring rapid member response via Constant Contact Secretary to update as new members join or previous members update information
    Polling membership about CE offerings and areas of interest at each CE event Continue to provide surveys annually to those attending CE offerings and report findings to board members and conference committee for the following year Conference post survey Consider electronic survey using survey monkey
  By 2017 greater than 50% of practicing OTs in Wyoming will be members of WYOTA Marketing and information dissemination Notify new licenses and renewals of WYOTA yearly Provide expiration notices yearly to members through email and mail Retention of members; increase of membership to 140 by Jan 2015
    Needs assessment: What do you want from WYOTA
Recognizing outstanding students and student groups in Wyoming OT and OTA programs
Creating a member organizational needs survey by May 2016 WYOTA newsletter will publish a student section for happenings in the programs and/or outstanding students Survey presentation from 2014 survey to board June 2016 Newsletters have included students. Continue through 2015
      WYOTA will recognize those serving in any volunteer capacity. Recipients of awards will be recognized at annual conference, in newsletters, on website and social media Minutes, newsletters, website and social media
    Recognizing service to WYOTA at annual conference A board member will contact each person who indicates willingness to serve WYOTA and match them with a volunteer position Documented in minutes, award give, President will publish in annual report
Meeting society’s occupational needs Improve awareness of access to occupational therapy in professional, community, regulatory, and reimbursement environments as practitioners, educators and consultants   If outcomes listed above are met, WYOTA will have improved awareness of and access to occupational therapy in Wyoming and beyond Achievement of all goals by June 2015

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